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Orchard Farms Elementary School Library: Rooster Games


What are the Rooster Games?

The Rooster Games is a fun night of team trivia where Cranston elementary school teams compete against each other to win the coveted Rooster Trophy for their school.  Your team collaborates to answer questions at various stations in a given amount of time.  The team with the highest total points wins!  Good Luck!



1.  Read 5 books from the RICBA 2019 Nominees.

(Special recognition will be given to students who read 10 books and all 20 books.)

2.  Complete and submit a RICBA READER SURVEY found on the RICBA 2019 LibGuide.

3.  Be part of a team that includes students from grades 3-5.

4.  Be ready to use what your team knows about the books to play the games.