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Orchard Farms Elementary School Library: E-Book Resources

Ebook Collections

Explore the many E-Book Resources on this page. 

Many look familiar to students.  Many are new links that can be used during our Virtual (also called Distance) Learning classes.  The publishers have graciously given free access during this time.

We will be using some of these links for our library lessons. You may also use the links on your own or for research for your other classes.


Publishers Free Access may expire on May 31, 2020.   Some publishers have extended their free access into the summer.

NOOK Online Storytime

Click the image above for Barnes and Noble's Storytime now on YouTube.

Storyline Online

Famous actors read some of your favorite stories.

BOOKFLIX BY Scholastic

We have an INCREDIBLE opportunity to use BOOKFLIX from Scholastic.  This is a top notch resource.


Be very careful with the login information.  Capital letters, etc.  Cut and Paste from Below:

Username:  Learning20

Password:  Clifford


ABDO Digital Books!

Abdo Digital Bookshelf online digital library

This is new, free and temporary due to our current distance learning situation.

Click the icon.  You will find books for all grade levels.

Big Timber Media Ebooks

Fiction, Nonfiction, Early Literacy

Explore animals, careers, sports, geography, biographies and more.



Stories that blend math and literature.


Username:  ritumbles

Password:  trial


Biblioteca Tumblebook

Books in Spanish

Username:  ritumbles

Password:  trial

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Mrs. Evje of Cranston High School West and Mrs. Rose from Chester Barrows for creating some of the icons and boxes used in this Guide.




MyON is available during distance learning.  

Click on the icon and enter the following

Login information

  • School Name: Read at Home
  • Username: readnow
  • Password: myon



Image result for

Students and Families can have access to high quality  ebooks online for FREE!
Click on the icon to get to the website
Click on Student (at the top)

Mrs. Gaiewski's class Login is 


Then click on Guest student.


Click on the icon above for an online library that includes picture books, chapter books, early readers, and nonfiction. Many of the books include narration.

Username:  ritumbles

Password:  trial

Unite for Literacy

Great for all students, but especially our English Language Learners.

After selecting a book, click on the narration button in the upper left corner of the screen and choose the language in which you wish to hear the book. You can listen in your native language and English.

Follet Shelf

Click the icon above and scroll down to the ebook banner to check out the ebooks available through the library catalog (RICAT). You'll need your user name (CRAlunchnumber) and password (lunchnumber).

E-Books at the Cranston Public Library!

Click the icon below to see what e-books the Cranston Public Library has available for you! (You'll need your library card number to borrow/read books this way.)

You can also get audio books! Great for the family and reading on the go!

AMICUS PUBLISHING and Knowbuddy OnLine Resources

Another super resource for our students.  Amicus Publishing just made the following resources available to schools until May 31.  Lots of lovely content here.

Amicus Magazines

Knowbuddy Resources


Click on this URL: 

If you need to put in the following information, here it is.  But you may not need to.

Once you have chosen a book, navigate with the arrows < > on either side of the book.

Password: AMICUS


We now have TEMPORARY access to Capstone Interactive Ebooks and Databases!

There are three separate databases

Student Access Instructions

  • PebbleGo (English & Spanish):
    • Visit and click "Sign In"
    • Username: engaged
    • Password: learning
  • PebbleGo Next:
    • Visit and click "Log In"
    • Make sure to log in with "Pebblegonext"
    • Username: engaged
    • Password: learning
  • Capstone Interactive eBooks:
    • Visit and click "Log In"
    • Make sure to log in with "Capstone Interactive"
    • Username: continue
    • Password: reading


World Book ebooks for K-2

World Book Online's Early World of Learning has a variety of interactive books for the youngest students.

Click on the above icon and explore with beginning readers!

World Book ebooks Grades 3+

World Book Online has a growing collection of nonfiction e-books that can be read on any device.

Click on the icon. No password required!


Audible is free during our virtual learning. 

Audio Book Cloud

Audio Book Cloud is another audio book company currently free of charge.

Username:  ritumbles

Password:  trial

World Almanac for Kids

This is a fabulous resource that's available to us courtesy of distance learning.

This is so cool!

Click on the icon to get started.

Image result for World Book Almanac for kids online


Username: rilinkrc

Password: digital

(Just cut and paste the password in!  Easiest way to avoid typos!)



CultureGrams : Get the username & password from Mrs. Gaiewski

Through the RILINK consortium, the Rhodes School Library has a subscription to CultureGrams.  CultureGrams is an online learning resource that provides concise, reliable, and up-to-date cultural information on hundreds of countries, as well as the U.S. states and Canadian Provinces.   Using CultureGrams in school does not require a username or password.  If you need to use it outside of school, please see Mrs. Rose to get the username and password for CultureGrams (or click on the above information sheet).  Click on the link below to access CultureGrams, and the link above for the CultureGrams information sheet.