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Exeter-West Greenwich Jr/Sr High School Library: The Research Process

Middle School Book Battle

The Big 6 Research Process

Assignment organizer

Research Tips

Research Tips


-books & websites

1) Create a Resource List  to keep track of the resources you find in RICAT and to make your resource page (citation, bibliography, source page). NO PLAGIARIZING!

2) Search RICAT using different keyword options.  Not finding anything?  Try synonyms or broaden your search.

3) Nothing available at EWG?  Search ALL RICAT and “hold” a book from another school.  This is called an Inter Library Loan (ILL).

4) Use Webpath Express for direct links to approved websites.



-articles & multi media

    5) – state funded encyclopedia, databases and additional tools  

    6) EWG Subscription Databases through the library website with the user name and passwords.