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Exeter-West Greenwich Jr/Sr High School Library: Summer Reading

Middle School Book Battle

Summer Reading

                                                                                           Summer Reading                                                                                          

Senior High School Summer Reading Requirements

Public Library Summer Reading

EWG ebook access recap

EWG JHS Summer Reading Requirements

EWG Junior High School

Exeter West Greenwich Junior High School

Summer Reading 2023


All students entering 7th and 8th grade are required to select one novel from the EWG Junior High Summer Reading List to read over the summer.  The list can be found here electronically.  All of the novels are available in book and ebook formats - follow the links from the slideshow in "view" mode.  Students will complete the novel prior to the start of school and complete the One Pager.  

The student will turn in the One Pager to their ELA teacher by September, 8th and receive a ticket for an Ice Cream treat during advisory on September, 11th.  If a student chooses to read more than one book and completes a One Pager for each book, they will receive additional tickets for each one completed to be used a the school store.

Choose a book from the summer reading list

  • Read your book

  • Complete the One Pager

  • Turn in completed One Pager(s) to your ELA teacher by Friday, September 8th.

  • Receive a ticket(s)

  • Save your ticket(s) 


Enjoy your summer and happy reading!!


Please note:  Not all books are appropriate for all readers; ALL the selections come in ebook form through the SORA app.


Link to the One Pager