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Exeter-West Greenwich Jr/Sr High School Library: Self Injury

Middle School Book Battle


Willow by Gillian Hoban

Call Number: FIC HOB

ISBN: 0-14-241666-5

Sixteen-year-old Willow, who was driving the car that killed both of her parents, copes with the pain and guilt by cutting herself, until she meets a smart and sensitive boy who is determined to help her stop.



Cut by Patricia McCormick

Call Number: FIC MCC

ISBN: 0-439-32459-9

While confined to a mental hospital, thirteen-year-old Callie slowly comes to understand some of the reasons behind her self-mutilation, and gradually starts to get better.


Cutting and self-injury by Greg Roza

Call Number: 616.85 ROZ

ISBN: 978-1-47771750-9

Cutting and self-injury are delicate issues many teens face and this title offers nonjudgmental guidance and information to those who cut and self injure as well as to their friends and family. Often, the problem is connected to a deeper issue that, if not addressed, can lead to problems much more serious than those that are just skin deep. Topics addressed are why people self-injure, getting help, and learning to cope, all of which are covered with Rosen's hallmark sensitivity to such serious health-related issues.


What is self-injury disorder? by Janice M Yuwiler

Call Number: 616.85 YUW

ISBN: 978-1-60152-928-2

Self-injury is a much larger problem than previously believed, with teens at the highest risk. This title examines this disorder.


Self Injury Disorder by Peggy J. Parks

Call Number: 618.92 PAR

ISBN: 978-1-60152-112-5

Introduces self-injury, providing information on why people self-injure, the effects, and possible methods of treatment.