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Pell Elementary School Library: 4th Grade

Library Policy

The New England Region

During the New England Region Unit library students will:

  • Define plagiarism
  • Define and use  three strategies that help avoid plagiarism
  • Practice note taking skills 
  • Practice using notes to build sentences
  • Produce a paragraph introducing the New England Region

Links and materials are here.


Plagiarism and Note-taking Sites

Internet Search Strategies

Check this out for tips on how to successfully find what you're looking for on the Internet. It works for databases as well!

Our Catalog

When Marion copied

Library Centers

Grade 4 will begin using centers in library to reinforce information literacy skills. There will be 6 centers from which to choose .To use the computer centers, students must first checkout a book. Students must rotate through a different center each class so all students get a chance to practice their skills. The names of the centers will be the same while the activities within them will change based on class topics.


Center Materials

Reference Sources

World Book Discover

World Book Student

World Book Student

Book Finders

Book Tasting

Check out a few good books in the library or using the above resources.

Open the document below and tell us:

Would you read it?

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Moving West