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Tiverton Middle School: Technology Tools

Something for Everyone

Free Tech Tools to Enhance Teaching and Student Learning

These free tech tools can be used to create fun and interesting projects and assignments that integrate technology. - Create your own books online - Make simple tools that let you study anything - Create your own flashcards on any subject - Create GLOGS - online multimedia posters - with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more. - Create dynamic presentations - Create newspaper clipping and more - Make a picture talk - Quickly make and share videos - Make a cartoon or an animated video - Create your own Jeopardy template and games - Make word clouds and save them as an image - Record and edit sound for podcasts and other projects - Illustrate your data and create more than 30 types of charts & graphs



Tiverton Middle School Librarian


Content on this page used with permission from Karen Shore, Media Specialist, Hugh B. Bain Middle School