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St. Mary Academy - Bay View Library: Science Fiction/Mystery/Fantasy

Science Fiction

Science fiction (Sci-Fi) typically has story lines that rely on current or imagined future science or technology, and its potential impact on humans. Space travel, time travel, and extraterrestrial life are common elements.  Some favorites include:




Fantasy books often involve magic, superpowers, and supernatural elements.  The settings are often rich, imaginary worlds operating outside the laws that normally govern the universe. Magical creatures are common, and the stories often involve journeys or quests.  Below are some examples:


Books in the mystery genre often have a crime or mysterious situation that needs to be solved.  The story involves clues, suspects, detectives and red-herrings, in which the reader is led astray by seemingly important clues that are not really related to the crime.  Many mystery books are parts of series.  

Below are some examples: