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St. Mary Academy - Bay View Library: Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction books by Time Period

Here are some suggestions for historical fiction books about certain time periods/eras. This list in NOT complete!

Ancient Times

FIC FRI    Sphinx’s Princess (ancient Egypt)

Sphinx’s Queen (ancient Egypt)

FIC COO    Goddess of Yesterday (ancient Greece)

FIC LAS    Last Girls of Pompeii (ancient Rome)

FIC SPE    Bronze Bow (ancient Rome - time of Jesus)

FIC BAN    Tiger, Tiger (ancient Rome)

FIC NAP    Bound (ancient China)

Middle Ages

FIC GRA    Blood Red Horse (Crusades)

FIC WEI    My Guardian Angel (Crusades)

FIC CRO    Crossing to Paradise (Middle Ages, King Arthur)

FIC REE    Here Lies Arthur (King Arthur)


Victorian England

FIC MAC    Prisoners in the Palace

FIC YOL    Queen’s Own Fool

Frontier/Pioneer Life

FIC HOL    Boston Jane books

FIC AVI    The Barn

FIC WIL    Little House on the Prairie

FIC SPE    Sign of the Beaver

FIC CAU    Tree of Freedom

FIC HOL    The Trouble With May Amelia

FIC CUS    The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

FIC TIM    One Came Home

FIC FLE    The Borning Room

American Revolution/Colonial TImes

FIC CAR    Blood on the River (Jamestown Settlement)

FIC PAU    Woods Runner (Revolutionary War)

FIC AND     Chains (Revolutionary War)

         Forge (Revolutionary War)

FIC ODE    Sarah Bishop (Revolutionary War)

FIC KLA    Soldier’s Secret (Revolutionary War)


Slavery/Civil War


FIC AVI    Iron Thunder

FIC CUR    Elijah of Buxton

FIC DUR    My Last Skirt: the story of Jennie Hodgers, Union Soldier

FIC LES    Day of Tears

FIC RIN    Come Juneteenth

FIC PAT    Jip: His Story

FIC COL    Jump Ship to Freedom

FIC PAU    Nightjohn


Early US/Industrialization


FIC HAL    Dark Water Rising (Galvaston flood, 1900)

FIC TUB    Selling Hope (Vaudeville, Halley’s Comet)

FIC PAT    Bread and Roses, Too (Mill Workers’ Strike)

FIC WIN    Counting on Grace (Vermont textile mill - 1910)

FIC AUC    Ashes of Roses (Triangle Shirtwaist Fire)

FIC GRE    Factory Girl


World War I/World War II


FIC BAR    The Boy Who Dared (anti-Nazi Movement)

FIC BRU    Code Talker (Navajo Code Talkers - WWII)

FIC KAH    Weedflower (Japanese Internment - WWII)

FIC KLA    The Green Glass Sea (Development of Atomic Bomb)

FIC LAS    Ashes (WWII)

FIC MAR      Take Me With You (biracial orphan following WWII)

FIC MOR    The Elephant in the Garden (WWII)

FIC MOR      Listen to the Moon (WWI)

FIC PAR    When My Name was Keoko (Japanese invasion of Korea - WWII)

FIC ROD    Jimmy’s Stars (WWII)

FIC ROS    After the Dancing Days (WWI)

FIC SMI    Flygirl (WWII)

FIC VEN    Climbing the Stairs (WWII in India)

FIC WHE    Burying the Sun (WWII)

         Summer of the War (WWII)

FIC WOL    Someone Named Eva (WWII)

FIC YOL    The Devil’s Arithmetic (WWII)


US 1940s-1960s


FIC CUS    The Loud Silence of Frannie Green

FIC CHO    Al Capone Does My Shirts (Al Capone,

FIC WHI    Little Audrey

FIC PEC    A Year Down Yonder (Depression)

FIC RAY    Ghost Girl


Civil Rights Era


FIC DRA    Fire From the Rock

FIC LEV    The Lions of Little Rock (school integration)

FIC SHA    My Mother the Cheerleader (school integration)

FIC WOO    Feathers (school integration)

FIC VAU    Paperboy

FIC WIL     One Crazy Summer



FIC PER    Criss Cross

FIC WIL    Countdown (Cuban Missile Crisis)


FIC MAG    The Rock and the River

FIC BUR    A Thousand Never Evers

Historical Fiction