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Narragansett Pier School Library

Curated Resources

I want to design with ANIMATION.

I want to record or edit AUDIO.

I want to BLOG.

Create an online blog to record your opinions and information:

I want to BOOKMARK my favorite sites.

Bookmarking sites allow you to save your favorite websites in one location:


Use these tools to brainstorm and map your ideas.

I want to COLLABORATE with others.

The following sites allows students to collaborate in real-time which allows them to edit and chat with group members as they are working.

I want to look at on-line Educational Resources

I want to create an INFOGRAPHIC.

An infographic is an information graphic or a visual representation of information.

I need tools for MATH.

Helpful math tools:

I want to create or edit MAPS.

I want to download or listen to MUSIC.

I need tools to help me STUDY.

I need to shorten a URL.

I need to edit VIDEO.

I want help with WRITING.

I want to NETWORK with others.

I want to take NOTES.

I want to share or edit PICTURES.

I need to use copyright free PICTURES.

I want to record a PODCAST.

A podcast is a multimedia digital file.

I want to create a POSTER.

I want to create a PRESENTATION.

I want to PUBLISH my work online.

I want to create a QR CODE.

QR Code Generators:

I want to curate Sources

I need to create a SURVEY.

I want to create a TIMELINE.

I want to create or share a VIDEO.

I need to learn information from a VIDEO.

I want to create a WEBSITE.

I want to search and evaluate WEBSITES.


Special thanks to Vanessa Loffredo at Overland Trail School in Kansas  for permission to model this guide after hers. I have and will continue to add links to this page.