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Edward S. Rhodes Library: Interlibrary Loan & Service Policy

Welcome to the Edward S. Rhodes Library website!

Curious about Our Policies? Read this.

Edward S. Rhodes School Library


The Edward S. Rhodes Library serves as its primary clientele the Rhodes school students, staff, teachers, service providers, and school community, without regard for age, gender, religious or ethnic background, political affiliation, educational ability or economic status. As a member of the RILINK Consortium, the Rhodes School Library extends full access to its materials and services at no charge to the RILINK Consortium schools, libraries and communities.

The Edward S. Rhodes School Library’s resources are chosen for the students, staff and faculty. Resources are chosen to support the Cranston Public School curriculum and to engage and excite students in grades K-5. Resources include books, periodicals,  digital books and online databases.

The library facility is available for use by the school community per approval from the school Principal.

The Library is open Tuesday and Friday. Curriculum integration and collaboration are the lifeblood of the library. The Library also offers on-line databases through AskRI, as well as wi-fi Internet access. The library RICAT webpage and LibGuide ( provide access to the on-line catalog, selected online databases through the RILINK Consortium, various curriculum resources and integrations, and numerous links to recommended Internet resources.

Edward S. Rhodes School is located at  160 Shaw Avenue, Cranston, RI 02905. The school phone number is 401-270-8110 Fax: 401-270-8579. 

The library is open from 8:45-2:50 on Tuesday and Friday. The librarian is Mrs. Chateauneuf ( email

Cranston Public schools welcomes diversity in its employment opportunities, programs, and activities.

RILINK Interlibrary Loan Policy

As a member of the RILINK consortium, we follow the consortium-level Interlibrary Loan Policy that is posted on the RILINK website here below:

RILINK Interlibrary Loan Policy
(adopted February 3, 2016)


Please note: This consortium-level policy is meant to serve as a minimum guideline for RILINK member libraries. If a RILINK member library does not have its own Interlibrary Loan Policy, this policy will automatically apply. To inquire about a specific member library’s individual policy, please contact the library directly through the RILINK Member Directory.

RILINK’s mission is to foster innovative learning and creative research in school libraries through partnerships and resource sharing for student success.

In support of this mission, RILINK encourages all of its members to join the LORI Network and actively participate in interlibrary loan and resource sharing.

RILINK member libraries that become LORI member libraries and participate in resource sharing and interlibrary loan must meet the requirements of the LORI Standards and are expected to adhere to the following interlibrary loan policy:

  • All items in a participating library’s collection that are generally available to the library’s local patrons must also be available through interlibrary loan

  • Interlibrary loan requests must be filled (or declined) as quickly as possible

  • Interlibrary loan requests will be filled at the discretion of the school librarian

  • Interlibrary loan requests may be placed by patrons or library staff, depending on the needs of individual member libraries

  • Materials sent to fulfill interlibrary loan requests will be circulated for a minimum of 28 days to allow ample delivery time on either end of the loan period

  • Maximum interlibrary loan checkouts will be determined by individual member libraries

  • There is no charge for interlibrary loan transactions, with the following exceptions:

    • requesting libraries may charge overdue fines to requesting patrons who return interlibrary loan items late

    • requesting libraries may be billed the replacement cost of damaged or lost interlibrary loan items at the discretion of supplying libraries

  • A member library’s own patron hold requests will take precedence over interlibrary loan requests for the same item

  • Interlibrary loan requests may not be declined based solely on a requested item’s format

  • Items that are specifically reserved for in-library or classroom use may be temporarily excluded from interlibrary loan as needed

  • Any other collection items or special collections that are unavailable for interlibrary lending must be specified in the member library’s individual interlibrary loan policy; such restrictions must not violate compliance with the LORI Standards