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Edward S. Rhodes Library: 21st Century Skills

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21st Century Skills


Library Standard 1: THINK

How do I find new information? 

  • Ask questions
  • Use prior knowledge
  • Read, View, and Listen

How do I become a Critical Thinker? 

  • Engage in learning activities
  • Evaluate ideas and information
  • Be independent and confident

How do I gain knowledge? 

  • Interact with others
  • Use many resources
  • Ask for help 

Library Standard 2: CREATE

How do I understand and use knowledge? 

  • Organize ideas
  • Use strategies
  • Try and Try again

How do I make smart decisions? 

  • Be a Critical Thinker
  • Reflect and assess
  • Be flexible

How do I make new ideas? 

  • Work with others
  • Write and create
  • Be productive 

Library Standard 3: SHARE

How do I share my knowledge? 

  • Communicate by writing and speaking
  • Contribute to discussions
  • Be confident

How do I participate appropriately? 

  • Follow the Acceptable Use Policy
  • Respect Others Ideas
  • Self-assess

How do I contribute to my community? 

  • Connect what you know to new experiences
  • Particpate
  • Be responsible

Library Standard 4: GROW

How do I motivate myself to learn? 

  • Identify your interests
  • Find interesting opportunities
  • Be curious

How do I appreciate learning? 

  • Read for pleasure
  • Actively participate
  • Connect learning to personal experiences

How do I progress in learning? 

  • Go above and beyond expectations
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Give your best effort

Learn about 21st Century Skills


"21st Century Skills are the skills students need in order to succeed in the information age."  

These library lesson activities will help you understand how to be a 21st Century Learner. 


Lesson: Critical Thinking Verbs

  Brainstorm verbs that describe HOW you think.  

  Using those words create a WORD CLOUD of your verbs.  

  Wordle Tips:  

       1.  Type a ~ with no spaces between words to keep them together

             Example:  Mrs.~Basso

       2.   Type the same word several times to increase its size

       3.   Print a white background to save ink. 

       4.  Color doesn't matter at school because we don't have a color printer.