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Edward S. Rhodes Library: Grade 5: Biographies Project - Americans Who Made a Difference

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Americans Who Made a Difference



Americans Who Made a Difference

Government Officials

Civil Rights Leaders



Project Expectations

Research a person who made an IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION TO OUR COUNTRY. This person must be from one of these three categories:  


Politician or Government Official 

Civil Rights Leader

Use books and teacher approved websites on this LibGuide page to find information.  

Use this information to create Google Slides presentation of your information.  The presentation must include: 

Basic facts about the person 

Information about their education and childhood 

Problems or struggles they faced 

Major achievement

Contribution to our country

Why you think we should know about this person 

Bibliography of resources used

Teacher Approved Research Sites


Library Standards: 

  • Research Skills 
  • Bibliography 

ELA Standards: 

  • Plan and deliver an informative text and opinion piece 
  • Summarize written text read aloud

Social Studies Standards: 

  • Analyze the elements of the US Constitution 
  • Identify how the Constitution supports individual rights