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Guiteras Elementary School Library: 2018 Picture Book Month

Excerpts from Authors, Illustrators and Educators

From Picture Book Month Website

By Educator Colby Sharp

Here are 12 reasons why I think picture books are important.

Little kids love them
Big kids love them
Adults love them
They make us laugh
They make us cry
They make us think
They help us understand the world
They help us understand each other
They stay with us
They are fun to book talk
They are fun to give as gifts
They smell good


Excerpts from Authors, Illustrators and Educators

From Picture Book Month Website

By Author Emma Otheguy

That’s the essence of a picture book to me: the brokering of the inner and the outer. Picture books tell adults about children’s secret lives, and they bring the universe to children’s libraries and classrooms. Picture books display always two pages at once, and in that two-page spread, there’s space for two readers, and in many cases, for two languages. There’s space to hold bilingualism and everything it entails: two generations, and the stories one can share with the next.

Picture books are first friends and great teachers—two of the things that have been most precious in my own life, and two things I hope grace the lives of every kid today.

Excerpts from Authors, Illustrators and Educators

From Picture Book Month Website

By Author-Illustrator Edna Cabcabin Moran

Picture books give us a break from algorithm-tracking and from screens and devices. Whether we're age 4 or 104, whether we’re alone or sharing with others, picture books satisfy our hunger for stories and help nurture our imaginations.

Learning Targets for "A Picture Book Is..." Activity

I can access and select a picture book from the Library collection.

I can read and share a picture book with a partner or a small group.

I can contribute to the "A Picture Book Is..." Guiteras Community learning project by writing, drawing and collaborating with a partner or small group.

Why Picture Books? How Are Picture Books Important to Learning?

Special Program: Picture Book Month