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Rockwell Elementary School Library: i-Ready at home directions



Iready at home on IPADS

  iPads & i-Ready

Dear Families -

As promised, here are the step-by-step directions on how to use i-Ready on your personal iPads at home. ONLY I-READY IS ABLE TO BE USED AT HOME ON AN IPAD.

1. Tap on the  the App Store icon and search “Clever.”

2. Install the free Clever app. AND the I-ready app.


3. When you tap to open the Clever app, you should be automatically prompted by the camera to scan the attached QR code. (It may ask you to allow access to your camera; tap ok.)


4. Hold the QR code up to the camera. You should now be logged in to the Clever app.

5. Tap on the i-Ready icon.

6. It will prompt you to “Open this page in  iReady”?

        Tap open


7. i-Ready should launch and your child should tap on the “start lesson box” to start practicing their Math skills on their iPad!


Helpful Tips:  * Make sure your iPad has the latest updates

                     * Be sure to logout of everything when you are finished.

                     * It will not work on an iPhone.


Thanks to Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Hall for the creation of this helpful guide.

Video Tutorial

Windows or Mac Devices--ALL CLEVER APPS

Dear Families,

Here are the step-by-step directions on how to use classroom Apps on your personal devices, like Macs, laptops, and desktops at home.  


The only supported method is through the Chrome Browser. If you do not have the chrome browser, please download and install.


1. Open Chrome Browser


2. Log student into Chrome Browser using their BWRSD email and password.


3. It may prompt you to "Log In With Google."


4. You will automatically be directed to the Clever Portal Page.


For Kindergarten and Grade 1 Students - How to Use iReady on an iPad AND Other Devices, Computers and Laptops