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Exploring World Literature and Culture: Survey

Information Survey Assignment

You will discuss with the class the aspects of your selected country that you find fascinating, exciting or disturbing. You must submit to me a survey of your information.  Please see Survey Sheet. This is a quiz grade.

Information Survey Questions

What language is the dominant language?

What is the dominant religion?

What are other religions?

Is the country in a state of war or peace? (explain)

What is the country’s governing body?  Who are the members of this governing body?

In what region is the country located?

What is the country’s major source of export?

What is the country’s population?

What is the country’s currency?

DON'T FORGET 5 INTERESTING FACTS! Sources should be listed in MLA format and alphabetical order. 

WorldBook Academic Online

Britannica School Online

Username: scituate

Password: library

World Geography & Culture Online

Username: scituatehs 

Password: spartans

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