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Exploring World Literature and Culture: Folklore & Myths


During the week of November 9, you will discuss with the class the three fairy tales, myths or folk tales you choose to read from your selected country.  For these myths, folk, or fairy tales you will complete a review and must have an understanding of how the work(s) reflects the culture of your selected country. This is a major grade.

Lit Reflections Requirements

1. Country:

2. Genre: (paryer, song ,etc…)

3. Meaning of the work:

4. How is the work reflective of the traditions, fears, guiding principles of the culture?

Myth, Folk, Fairy Tale Review

In this final portion of your study you will create a sectioned review of the literary work you choose to examine from your country. 

Format: MLA

   Section One: 

       Time period in which the piece was written.

       Time period in which the piece is set.

       (1 paragraph)

   Section Two:

       The purpose of the piece. 

   Section Three:

       Your review should consider the following:

       1. aspects of the culture the author touched upon in the piece.

       2. an explanation of the basic plot of the piece.

   Section Four:

       Your reaction to the piece

(Minimally, 2 paragraphs with concrete examples from the text to support your opinion.)