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Hugh B. Bain Middle School Library : Tips for a Successful Reading Experience

Tips for a Successful Reading Experience!

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There are over 12,000 books in the Bain Library and many that are just what you're looking for! In order to find great reading material you need to know your ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) or reading range.  Your ZPD indicates the range of readability that you should aim for in order to improve or maintain your reading score.  Your ZPD is generated by the STAR reading test that is taken periodically over the school year. 

Your familiarity with your ZPD and how to use that information to locate books in the Bain Library is an important step toward increased reading at appropriate levels for growth. Your ZPD is available to you by logging in to Accelerated Reader. By clicking on the "Progress" tab you can see your progress toward your quarter goal and your ZPD.

When searching the Bain Library catalog (RICAT) you can enter your ZPD if you use the drop-down menu for Reading Programs and choose Accelerated Reader. Please see Mr. Grabbert in the library if you would like more information about using this helpful information to find the right books for you!