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Garden City School Library: Fact or Opinion?

Essential Question

What is the difference between facts and opinons?

1 - Readaloud

2 - Tiny Tap Games to Practice

Here are some online games where you can practice telling facts from opinions. You might learn some new facts!

Here are some animal-themed games created by kids.

3 - Assessment

Read the statements on this assignment and have the kids circle whether they are fact or opinion. Do the first one together.

1 = Student circled 4 or fewer correct answers

2 = Student circled 5-7 correct answers

3 = Student circled 8-10 correct answers

4 = Student circled all of the correct answers AND shared an extra-credit fact

Standards Addressed

AASL: II.A.2 - Adopting a discerning stance toward points of view and opinions; III.D.1 - Actively contributing to group discussions; V.A.2 - Reflecting and questioning assumptions and possible misconceptions.

RI Core: W.1.1 - State an opinion 

Rhode Island Cross-Curricular Proficiencies: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking - Identify relevant information/data from resources; Research - Analyze information and sources to determine the relevance, bias and usefulness of information.

Rhode Island School Library Curriculum Priority Skills: 1.1 - Distinguishes between fact and opinion