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Garden City School Library: Trick or Treat!

Lesson 1 - Disguises and Costumes

  • Introduction: Ask the kids if they know what holiday is coming up. 
  • Readalouds: Read Where's Walrus? and Where's Walrus? And Penguin?, by Steven Savage, having the kids point out the characters when they find them on the page. Then read Monster Needs a Costume by Paul Czajak (and prepare for every student to describe their planned costume in minute detail). Finish with Ten Orange Pumpkins, also by Steven Savage. Have the kids count the pumpkins with you.
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Lesson 2 - Spooky, Scary

  • Readalouds: Read Creepy Carrots and A Pair of Creepy Underwear! by Aaron Reynolds. 
  • Activity: Cut out carrot shapes from large orange construction paper and have the kids draw creepy faces on them. Give them the underwear template on the publisher's site to color, cut, and paste on their carrots. There is also a Halloween Activity Book by Laura Rizer you can download from TPT or Amazon. Halloween bingo from Crayola.
  • Video: A creepy classic that the kids may want to watch twice: