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Garden City School Library: Hour of Code (PreK)

I. Am. a. Robot.

  • Introduction: Let the kids know that it's Computer Science Education Week. Ask if they can tell you anything about computers. Then explain that robots use computer languages to know what to do. Ask if they have examples of robots from TV or movies. 

  • Readaloud 1: Read Boy and Bot by Ame Dyckman (illustrated by Dan Yaccarino). Define the words "affirmative" and "malfunction."

  • Dancing: Tell the kids that now they will be robots; a song will tell them what to do either in words (slow) or in symbols (fast).
  • Coloring: The students can finish up the class by choosing a robot to color: Option 1 from or option 2 from 




As a group - slower

As a group - faster

During coloring

If there's time