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Garden City School Library: Illustration Styles

Essential Question

How can I describe an illustrator's style and identify artwork by that person?

Lesson 1 - Jon Klassen

  • Introduction: Ask the students if an illustrator writes words or draws pictures. Explain that we're going to look at the work of a couple of my favorite children's book illustrators and figure out their style. We're starting with Jon Klassen. Hold up The Dark, which we read back in October. Flipping through the pages, ask the kids to describe the pictures. 
  • Readalouds: Read Extra Yarn and This is Not My Hat.
  • Activity: Students may choose from the coloring sheet and maze below.

Lesson 2 - Bob Shea

  • Review: Ask the kids what an illustrator does. Remind them that different illustrators have different styles. Last week we looked at Jon Klassen's work; today we'll look at Bob Shea.

  • Readalouds: Read Dinosaur vs. the Library and Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great. 
  • Activity: Students may create their own challenger to Dinosaur.  

Lesson 3 - Jon or Bob?

  • Review: Ask the kids what an illustrator does. Remind them that different illustrators have different styles. Today we'll continue to look at artwork by Jon Klassen and Bob Shea.
  • Readalouds: Read Don't Play with Your Food and Sam and Dave Dig a Hole. 
  • Discussion: Bring up this slideshow with drawings by Jon and Bob. See if the kids can identify who drew what.

Standards Addressed

AASL: 4.1.1 - Read, view, and listen for pleasure and personal growth; 4.1.2 - Read widely and fluently to make connections with self, the world, and previous reading

Common Core:  RL.K.1 - With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.; RL.K.10Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding.