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Garden City School Library: Typing / Keyboarding


Knowing how to type without looking at your fingers is a life skill ... Ms. Moore didn't learn how to do it until she was in college, and it would have saved her a LOT of time in middle and high school. Now, though, she can type ... hold on, she is taking an online test ... about 75 words per minute. Think you can get your WPM higher than hers? Start with the resources on this page.

They're broken into general categories below:

  • Level 1: You aren't sure where all the keys are, and it takes you forever to peck out a word because you have to keep hunting the rows and then looking up at the screen. These resources will help you develop muscle memory and learn the keyboard. (Note: You can get into via Clever to log in and save progress.)
  • Level 2: You know where the keys are in general, but you still have to look at them. These resources will help you practice finding the correct letters with the correct fingers.
  • Level 3: You have experience touch typing and just need more practice to increase your speed and accuracy. (Note: Resources listed under Level 1 may also have advanced levels that you can jump to.)


Level 1





Level 2




Level 3