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Greenbush Elementary School Library: Grade 2

RI Latino Books Month


To learn more about the books, explore this Destiny Collection


2022 Winner!


Greenbush Voting Results

Forms response chart. Question title: Which book was your favorite?  Choose ONE only!. Number of responses: 203 responses.




Visit  RI Latino Arts for more information!


ABC Order Activities


Try these fun Gr. 2 activities!

Learn Keyboarding

Try out some of these websites to learn keyboarding skills!



Digital Citizenship

Click below to view these Internet safety videos.


Common Sense Media


BrainPop Jr.



Hour of Code - Videos


Check out these introductory videos!



US Symbols


Explore these sites for information on US Symbols!



American Flag

Destiny Discover Curriculum Collection 


Bald Eagle

Destiny Discover Curriculum Collection

World Book Kids

WB Kids - World of Animals


Liberty Bell

Destiny Discover Curriculum Collection


Statue of Liberty

Destiny Discover Curriculum Collection



White House

Destiny Discover Curriculum Collection 






Life Cycle of Plants

Destiny Discover Resource Collection   

Plant Life Cycle


Destiny Resource Collections

The links below will bring you to Destiny Collections with resources for Grade 2 Units of Study.



Coding and Robotics

American Symbols:

American Flag

Bald Eagle

Liberty Bell

Statue of Liberty

White House

Life Cycles of Plants



Fun with Mercy Watson!


Image result for mercy watson



Polar Animals




Use this Destiny Collection to research polar animals!