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Water: Water


Hi Grade 3,

In this LibGuide you will find useful links to resources which are related to the topic Clean Water, Dirty Water.

Happy learning!

Water Sense for Kids

Visit the Water Sense for Kids website to find out why it's important to save water, some simple ideas for saving water or to play a game to test your water sense.

The Story of Drinking Water

Weather WizKids

In this website you will find information about clouds, rain & floods and all kinds of wild weather.

DC Water for Kids

Water Qualities

Here is your chance to explore water and water quality in whatever way you want. There are 5 sections that will help you learn about water properties, water quality and water pollution prevention.

Rebuilding Wetlands

Here is your chance to explore wetlands in whatever way you want. There are 5 sections that will give you heaps of facts about wetlands, as well as the about the impacts of land use on wetlands and we try to rebuild them.

Fact Monster

Fact Monster will give you some information about droughts and famines which have occurred recently and in history.

Science Kids

Visit this website to learn some fun facts about water.