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It Takes a Village: Get Video Clips

Grade 6 Video Project

Video Clips to Download

  1. Download C-SPAN VideosDownloadable C-SPAN footage can be found here.

  2. Search videos by topic area (ex. Education) then scroll and click, OR…

  3. Search using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL + F for Windows), then search by keyword.

  4.  “Stream Before Downloading” to preview video.

  5. If you like the clip, log the footage.  Watch the counter and  write down when important events occur in the timeline.

  6. After Previewing:

  7. Click back arrow to return to list.

  8. See title of correct video clip.

  9. Right-click link,  "DOWNLOAD CLIP IN .AVI FORMAT" for PC.

  10. "SaveLink As"

  11. Save to "Video Clips" in your group's project folder.


Visit for more information.

Video Clips to Download (Teacher Login Required)

Go to Discovery Education.

To watch video clips:

  1. Ask your teacher to log in.
  2. Type key words into the search box
  3. Browse the list of choices.
  4. Click to view.


To save:

  1. Click segment.
  2. Click "Download" above viewing window (left click).
  3. See list of downloads--"Playing"--  RIGHT CLICK on Download arrow in column.
  4.  "Save Link As"
  5. Save to "Video Clips" in your group's project folder.

Video Clips for Online Study (Not Downloadable)