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Woodridge Research Projects: Cranston & Rhode Island

Cranston Seal & Flag

Learn all about the City Seal & Flag.  

Create a postcard about the City Seal & Flag.

Rhode Island State Symbols

Learn all about RI symbols using CultureGrams.  

Create a postcard about RI State Symbols. 

Cranston City Facts

Use a table of statistics to learn city facts.  

Create a postcard about the City Facts & Figures.

Rhode Island History

Learn all about Rhode Island's history in CultureGrams Timeline.  

Create a postcard about Rhode Island's history. 

Cranston City History

Learn the Who, What, & When of Cranston.

Create a postcard about a person, place, or event.

RI Geography & Climate

Lean about the Geography and Climate of Rhode Island using CultureGrams

Create a postcard about Rhode Island Geography and Climate.