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Woodridge Research Projects: RI Cities & Towns

Rhode Island Cities and Towns

Approved Websites

Books from Our Catalog

Look for books about Rhode Island at 973.5 in the Nonfiction section of our library.  Here are a few titles to get you started.

Research Assignment

Use books and approved websites to find information about a Rhode Island city or town.  Use this information to create a postcard inviting people to visit.  

Picture Side:  

Read the website to find all af this information about the city or town: 

  • City or Town?
  • County
  • Location on a RI map, neighboring cities or towns
  • Villages within the city or town
  • Population
  • Area in square miles 
  • Year Established
  • Form of Government

Letter Side:  

Read the town website to find out about any of these topics:   

  • Historical Events
  • Historical Landmarks
  • Notable People
  • Places to see
  • Things to do
  • Other interesting facts

Then write a letter to someone about the interesting information you discovered.  


This project is based on the Cranston Public Schools Social Studies curriculum project for Grade 4 Trimester 1.  

Project re-design by Mrs. Basso & Mrs. DelBonis, Woodridge Elementary School. 

LibGuide by Mrs. Basso, School Librarian