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Eden Park Research Projects: Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Use these resources  to research your Ancient Egypt topic.  

Protection, Defense & Warfare                  Art & Architecture                  Nubia
Food & Drink                                               Government                             Religion
The Nile River                                              Hieroglyphics                          Geography
Social Order                                                  Hatshepsut                              Ramses II
Toys and Games                                          Cleopatra                                  Education
King Tutankhamun                                     Transportation                        Pharaohs
Scribes and Scholars                                    Trade                                        Homes
Gods and Goddesses                                   Pyramids                                 Funerals
The Valley of the Kings                               Medicine                                 Mummies
Clothing & Jewelry                                      Animals of the Nile

Books from the Library Catalog

Look for Ancient Egypt at Dewey Decimal Number 932 in the Nonfiction section of our library.  Use our library catalog to locate your subject.  Here are a few titles to get you started.


Use books and approved websites to find information about your chosen Ancient Egypt topic.  Be sure to use your graphic organizer to prepare for your report. The final project will consist of 5 parts:  

  1. A title page
  2. A Written report
  3. A Visual component (map, drawing, diagram, etc.)
  4. A Bibliography

Teacher documents available here: 

World Book Student

Type a search topic in the box.


Use these links to teacher approved websites to research your topic. 


Try out these online interactives about Ancient Egypt.  

Hover over a link to see what it is about.


Project by Mrs. Bellisle, Eden Park Grade 6

LibGuide by Mrs. Basso, Eden Park Librarian