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Investigating Genre Grade 4: Investigating Genre

Learning about different styles of literature.


Welcome to Miss Lyon's Genre Lesson 

Perform each activity from 1 through 7 and become a genre expert!

Activity 1

Everyone has a favorite song, a favorite ice cream flavor, a favorite color (well, almost everyone!).  Most of us have a particular kind or type of book we like best (it's called a genre). 

 So, here's a fun quiz to see if you were a book, what genre of book would you be??? (use the non account option to see your results!)



I am
Realistic Fiction: 20 votes (16.13%)
Historical Fiction: 12 votes (9.68%)
Mystery: 31 votes (25%)
Science Fiction: 13 votes (10.48%)
Fantasy: 38 votes (30.65%)
NON fiction: 8 votes (6.45%)
Biography: 2 votes (1.61%)
Total Votes: 124


Below are two videos on genre.   There is no set agreement on what or how many genres there really are (lots are considered subsets of other genres), but these videos will give you a general idea of how to identify what genre a book or story is. 

View one (or both!) and then test yourself on how good you are at identifying different genres!!!!!

So, are you a Genre MASTER?  Take the quiz below and find out!  Remember to Click Share/Send at the bottom!


Activity 3


Together, we will review how to find a specific genre using Destiny Quest.  In the meantime, use this tutortial to refresh your destiny quest search skills!



Yes: 21 votes (70%)
No: 9 votes (30%)
Total Votes: 30

Activity 4

Okay, now you're ready to be a genre expert for Destiny Quest!  

FIND a book in your favorite GENRE, and check it out!  

Read it, and then use the following Guide to identify the Genre of your book.  Then go to the next Activity!



Activity 5

Identify the GENRE Elements in your book!

 Okay, now you are a book reviewer!  Review your book and tell others what GENRE your book is and WHY you think it fits into the genre catagory.  Need help?  OK, here's Mrs. Lyon's review of FEVER, 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson.

FEVER.  Laurie Halse Anderson
Fever is a historical fiction novel.  It takes place in Philadelphia in 1793  where the city really experienced "The Yellow Plague" also known as typhoid fever.  But, the characters and dialogue are made up.  Its a very good glimpse into an exciting and dangerous time in American History.
Mrs. Lyon

NOW, Write your own draft, including the elements in your book that make it xxxxx genre.  When you have finished your draft, go to Activity 6!

Activity 6

OKAY, NOW for the REAL FUN! Use one of these tools below to speak/make/video your REVIEW!


POWERPOINT (Located on your laptop)- 1 SLIDE

WORD FOR WINDOWS (Located on your laptop) 4 Sentences limit.

NARRABLE- 1 slide

FLIPGRID- 2 minute limit. (see Mrs. Lyon)

SCREENCAST-O-Matic- 2 minute limit (see Miss. Lyon)

When you are finished, transfer your work to Miss Lyon's Thumb Drive. Make sure your full name is in your file name.

Activity 7

OH, you thought you were done!!!  Well, now it's your turn to show someone your work.

Go to the Destiny/Catalogue, and find your book.  Look VERY CAREFULLY at the NOTES under your books information.

SHOW IT TO A GROWN UP, Then come prepared to tell the class what the comments were!