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Stone Hill Elementary School Library: K

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Nursery Rhyme Online Coloring

Click on Mother Goose then choose a nursery rhyme to color online.

Students learn mouse control while coloring.


Click on Dog to make him jump into the letter pit and pick up letters.

Students learn to blend sounds to make words.

Curious George

Click on Curious George to learn about the seasons.



      Can you build a snowman?  

Click on the picture to begin.


A WORDLE is a picture of words.

Click on the WORDLE to create your own.

Monkey Match

Click on the Monkey to play games with upper and lower case letters, beginning sounds, or rhymes.


Click on Starfall to play beginning reading games.

December Holiday Fun

Click on the picture to start the holiday activity.

 Can you trim the tree?  

 Can you color the Hannukah lights?  Click on the colored pencil at the bottom, then click the picture.


 Drag and drop the puzzle piece to create a postcard.


 Click on two cards to find a pair of stockings.


 Drag and drop the puzzle pieces to build the picture.

  Let's light up the tree and decorate it!






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