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Stone Hill Elementary School Library: Citation

What Is Plagiarism?


to use the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words or ideas

definition courtesy of Merriam-Webster

Why Cite?

In order to avoid plagiarizing you must always cite your sources. Often called a bibliography, the Modern Language Association (MLA) refers to a list of sources used as Works Cited. Cranston Public Schools follows MLA format when writing papers.

Online Citation Maker

Online Citation Maker courtesy of Oregon School Library Information System.

How To Tell If You Are Plagiarizing


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Still Not Sure What To Do?

The Owl at Purdue University is considered THE authority on MLA citations. If you are not sure how to cite your sources, visit the Owl for further help.


Many thanks to Mrs. Steward of Hope Highlands Middle School and Dutemple Elementary School for the content of this page.  Also thanks and acknowledgements to the other Cranston School Librarians who have contributed to this content.