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Dunn's Corners Elementary School Library: Kindergarten

Kindergarten Battle of the Books

     Get ready to read kindergarten.  In March we will be challenging the kindergarten students to a Battle of the Books. Each night students will be sent home with a Battle of the Books title that should be read out loud to your child that night. Check off the title on your child's folder once you have read it and send it to school the next day to receive a new title. Students will be working to read all 20 titles and 5 of their own choosing.  Happy Reading.  

Fairy Tales

Kindergarten students will be looking closely at Fairy Tales.  What features will we find in every fairy tale?  We will focus on elements such as good and evil characters, beginning and endings and magical elements.  We'll look at some popular tales as well as introduce them to several classics they may be unfamiliar with.  

Some of our curricular goals throughout the school year include the following

Parts of a book

Book care

Fiction vs. Non Fiction

Components of Fairy Tales

Sequencing of Story - Retell

Introduction of sections of the library

Hour of Code

Students will be participating in the Hour of Code.  A nationwide program that encourages students to learn about computer coding. The students will be learning the basics of computer coding. in a fun and engaging way. This year hour of code has partnered with Disney and their new movie Moana if you would like more information go to