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Burrillville High School Library: Checking Out Books FAQs

How do I check out a book?
Bring the book(s) you would like to check out up to the front desk along with your student ID card.

What if I don’t have my ID card with me?
No problem. Just give Mrs. Bruscini your student ID number or your last name.

Can I check out more than one book at a time?
Definitely! As long as you don’t have any overdue books, you can take out as many as you would like.

What if I can’t find the book I’m looking for?
Ask! If the library has the book but it’s checked out, Mrs. Bruscini can hold it for you when it’s returned. If the library doesn't have it, but another school library does, Mrs. Bruscini can request it for you.

How do I renew a book?
There are a few ways you can renew:

  • Stop by the library to see Mrs. Bruscini. It's not necessary to have the book with you.
  • Email Mrs. Bruscini.
  • Renew the book yourself by logging in to your library account (instructions here).