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Westerly High School Library: U.S. History

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U.S. History Research Project

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This is how research is done...

Print Sources and Access

Note: To be able to open an e-book from the WHS catalog (Destiny), you must either download the Destiny Quest App (See bottom box)  or sign in to Destiny (your username will be  wps(plus your cafeteria number - no space) Example - wps12345. Your password will be your birth date dd/mm/year. Example - May 12, 2002=12/5/2001 Note: if your month is a single digit, you do not have to to use a zero in front of it.

Destiny Discover Book Catalog - Montrose High School

Where to go in the library

Take advantage of the print sources our library has to offer. Found on the last shelf by the windows, browse through the 973 section to discover books and topics or take a look at this list to get an idea of where you could look. Don’t forget that you can search titles, subjects, and keywords in our catalog!

The 973 of any Dewey Decimal system is where you will find most of information on U.S. History. You’ll notice that there are often numbers after a decimal, these numbers can tell you more about the book.

973.1 is very early history, before the 17th century.


973.2 is the colonial period.

973.3 usually covers periods between 1775 and 1789

973.4 is the period of the Revolutionary War and the constitution

973.5 goes until about the mid 19th century

973.6 1845-1861

973.7 Is where you’ll find Lincoln and the Civil War

973.8 covers the Reconstruction Era

937.9 Is where you’ll find any information on U.S. History beginning in 1900. In this section especially, you will notice that many of the books you’re looking for have multiple numbers after the 9. If your topic of interest focuses on anything in the 20th century, the catalog will be the most help in pointing you to the write direction.

New England History can be found in 974

Slavery specific books are 975

978 Is where you'll find books on Westward Expansion


Recommended Websites

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