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Wakefield Elementary School Library: Reading in an Unusual Place and Book Bentos


Students are invited to send me a picture ( of themselves reading in an unusual place, reading to a pet, and/or to make a "Book Bento", which is an artful arrangements of things related to a book, arranged around the book. Here are some examples:

Reading in Unusual Places and/or Reading to Pets and Book Bentos!

Suki's Book Bento

Suki Keeping Cool!





Fiona Reading to Buddie!

Miles reading in Italy!

Teddy reads and skateboards!

Cadence reading on the way to the Boston Science Museum!


Joey's Book Bento!!!

Elijah reading on the roof!

Phoebe reading in an unusual place!

More Reading in Unusual Places and/or Reading to Pets and Book Bentos!

Sadie reading in an unusual place!

Nora Reading in an unusual place!

Nora's Book Bento!

Ryan reading to Daisy!

James reading to puppy Andy!

Miles reading upside down!

Teddy reading and skateboarding!

Milo, completely engrossed!

Mack reading Treasure Hunters: Danger Down the Nile by James Patterson!


Elijah reading in the life guard chair!