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Shea High School Library: World History


Ancient Egypt Selections - Shea Library - Use the online catalog and see Ms. Farley in the library!

Ancient Egypt

The Curse of King Tut

Examines the historical and anecdotal evidence connected to the curse surrounding the King Tut mummy.


The life of the famous Egyptian queen is told in stunning detail, including her relationships with the famous Roman generals Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. 

The Totally Gross History of Ancient Egypt

Readers should be ready for an eye-opening read on some of ancient Egypt's gross history, such as the dirty details of what really happens to bodies as they're prepared for mummification, in this book. 

Ancient Egypt 101 - Watch it!

Online Resources

Online Resources

The British Museum

PBS: Ancient Egypt

   Discovering Egypt

Use index on right of site


A Journey Down the Nile - Watch it!

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