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Austin T. Levy School Library: Week 3- Sheep

Henry Moore Sketches

Henry Moore Sheep Drawing - Pictify - your social art network       

Henry Moore: Drawings of Sheep | Seattle Artist League

These  Sheep sketches are by famous Sculptor Henry Moore,  his studio in the English countryside overlooked a sheep pasture.  He often would sketch them while he worked.





**Parents do not worry if your child is unable to complete this lesson, I know there are many responsibilities  for them right now. My plan is to post how-to videos for each lesson here under the art tab.

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Shaun the Sheep

It's a nice day, but I am high on Xanax and watching Shaun the ...

These sculptures were created with clay and plastic and also represent sheep, created by Aardman Animations, Richard Starzak and Nick Park.  Animators are also artists who create images for movies.

Before they can build their models they have to create a drawing first, and before they make a movie they have to write the story. Watch Shaun the Sheep Season 5 | Prime Video

You can see how the animators created their sheep by watching the video below

Shaun the Sheep behind the scenes

Week 3 Assignment

The step by step instructions below show how to draw a cartoon sheep. There are 2 kinds so you can choose.   You will be using the Art Element Line, many of the lines we have learned in art this year. Curly lines for the cloud shaped sheep. Vertical lines for the sheep’s legs, zig-zag lines for the sheeps toes (a V shape), and zig zag lines for the grass.  What will you add for the background. Are there any other animals? Maybe more than one sheep, some flowers in the grass? A sun in the sky? If you can share your drawing with me you can email me at

cute sheep drawing

How to Draw a Sheep in 7 Easy Steps | Sheep drawing, Sheep, Easy ...