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Austin T. Levy School Library: Week 5 Lauren Terry


Portrait of a curious simmental cow by Lauren Terry


A colourful portrait of a Charolais Cow in a lush field


'Beth' Curious Hereford Cow by Lauren Terry


Friesian Calf painting Frank

Lauren  Terry is an artist who missed her childhood, living in the country.  She decided to make a painting of a cow peering in on her kitchen table.  It was when she took her painting to be framed, that her career path took a serious change! The framer in North Yorkshire was so taken by the characterful cow, that he offered to host an exhibition for Lauren if she agreed to paint twenty more of her beautiful beasts! The response and enthusiasm that this debut exhibition generated gave Lauren the confidence to launch her art business and brand and Lauren’s Cows was born. Lauren has now made her home in York leaving the stage and waitressing behind to pursue her love of art full time.

“I love what I do. It's all about character for me. Cows have such a curious nature and humorous personality that they just make me smile and I take great pleasure in passing that smile on through my vibrant paintings. It's about capturing all the character while still remaining true to the breed. I always say it’s all very well buying a piece of artwork to compliment your sofa, but when you really notice your piece everyday and it brings a smile to your face, that’s priceless.” Lauren, the artist 

If you want to learn more about cows

Watch the story: “When Pigasso met Mootise”  A story about rival artists.

Below you will find some step by step instructions for how to draw a cow portrait, in the style of Lauren Terry.  You can use crayons for this project, even though the directions call for different materials. Notice the front of the nose is a rectangle-like shape, you might be able to find a rectangle shape to trace at your house.  The top of the head is a rainbow-shape. If you fold the paper into quarters it will help you to make the cow head large enough.