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Austin T. Levy School Library: Week 9- Colorful Chameleons

Chameleons | Fauna illustration, Scientific illustration, Vintage ...

old print chameleon 1897 | Nature illustration, Fauna illustration ...

How to draw & paint a chameleon. Art project for kids.

Do you love studying nature? Well, then you just might want to consider being a naturalist when you grow up. This is a type of scientist who studies plants and animals.  The Chameleon drawings above were done by Naturalists in the late 1800’s.  

Naturalists focus a lot of their time and efforts on scientific research, and observational drawing, they use their drawing skills to make real world observations. They observe what is in front of them, making note of the details that make up the object, and  draw what they see. This type of drawing is used to record nature in Nature Journals. You can draw like a Naturalist by looking at things in Nature and drawing them.  

Today we don’t have a real chameleon but you can listen to the artist illustrator, Eric Carle’s story, the Mixed-Up Chameleon, this silly Chameleon doesn’t only change color.  Then watch the other links where you can see real chameleons.  Watch how they change color?  Would you like that super-power?  Watch the links below, then use the how to draw directions to create your own colorful chameleons. What color will you make your chameleon?

The  Art  Kingdom: Mixed Media Chameleons