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Haney EE 4th Quarter Research Project: Scholarly Sources

Search Tips

When searching keep searches simple: Short phrases (no more than three or four words), names, and titles. 

Narrow your search results by using the Refine Toolbar on the left. Hint: find more critical analysis by selecting that your search results only be full text and from Academic Journals. Don't forget to explore the Subjects to narrow your search results even further. 

Find an article you like? Utilize the toolbar on the right to email the article to yourself and/or click on the citation icon to copy and paste the MLA citation into your works cited page. 

Understand that scholarly research is not always a straight progression, but often a lot of back and forth. 

Don't forget, if you find an article you like- look closely at the bibliography/work cited- try to find the articles cited. 


Go to and select "EBSCO: Search Across Several Databases" or "EBSCO: Magazines, Reference Books, and More".