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State Street School Library: Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books 2020

Battle of the Books 2021


Battle list titles


Battle of the Books is a book-related competition for students in grade 4 that encourages them to read books, have fun, and compete by demonstrating their knowledge of books.

All fourth grade students at State Street School will need to independently read at least 7 books from the Battle of the Books List and 3 book within their Lexile reading level.  This makes a total of 10 books that need to be read and pass the Accelerated Reader quiz with at least 80% to qualify for the games in the spring.  We will encourage students to read more.

The books on the list represent a variety genres including biography, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.  

In the spring boys and girls will be teamed up with other 4th grade students at State Street School where they will compete in a “Battle” format.  (this event is seperate from the kickball game where students will need to read 20 books.  All 15 from the list and 5 within their Lexile)

Good Luck to all and Charge!!! Ms. Grant, Miss DeJesus, Mrs. Evans,

and Mrs. Gregory

The books can also be taken from any public library.

Westerly Public Library has the list of titles.



To qualify for:

Battle Event     7 (from the list) + 3 (within Lexile level) = 10


Kickball game  15 (all books on the list) + 5 (within Lexile level) =20