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Cranston Public Schools: Middle School Summer Reading Suggestions 2024


RIMSBA 2025 Fiction Nominees


Cranston Public School students have access to books through Sora. To log in, go to, click on Clever and click on the Sora app to discover thousands of e-books and audiobooks!


CPL Summer Programs

Kids Read Across RI Selection

Time Travel Favorites!

Time Traveling with a Hamster by Welford Ross                                                                     Fans of Back to the Future will adore this story of a boy sent on a mission to save his father’s life. (Yes, you read that right.) When Al Chaudhury receives a letter from his dead father on his birthday, it leads him to the basement of his old house, where a time machine made from an ancient computer and a tin bucket awaits. Following the instructions, Al returns to 1984 to prevent the go-kart incident that will kill his father. Hilarious and heartfelt, this one is great for bookworms and reluctant readers alike.

23 Minutes by Vivian Vande Velde           Everyone thinks Zoe Mahar won't amount to much — including herself. But when she ducks into a bank to avoid the rain, she witnesses a terrifying robbery. Zoe can rewind time and repeat events in 23-minute increments, but the results finalize after ten tries. As she jumps back in time and tries to alter the robbery's outcome, Zoe learns that she has more to offer than she ever realized.

Archer's Quest by Linda Sue Park                    In this book, it is a traveller from the past who shows up in the present. Korean leader Koh Chu-mong surprises 12 year old Kevin by popping into is room one day. Koh Chu-mong is from 55 BCE. Kevin uses his math skills, the zodiac and Korean folk history to help the leader return to the past. There are not too many books that will teach your kids about ancient Korea while still delivering an engaging narrative so definitely pick this one up!       

Glitch by Laura Martin                                         In this world, some people have the genetic ability to time travel. Regan is one of those people. Like all kids with this ability, she’s required to train as a Glitcher so as teens and adults, they’ll be ready to stop the bad guys from interfering with historical events. She gets an illegal message from her future self that she could go to jail for— and start to suspect that things aren’t as they seem. Then, she and her nemesis, another kid called Elliot, get sent to a secret partner program. They’re forced to work together clandestinely to stop a catastrophe that could destroy the entire Glitch program.       

The Shape of Thunder by Jasmine Warga          Quinn and Cora used to be best friends, but after a school shooting where Quinn’s older brother killed Cora’s older sister, the two no longer speak. Quinn feels guilty because she saw her brother with the guns and did nothing. She decides to find a wormhole to time travel backward and stop what happened. She invites Cora to help her; Cora, who feels so much regret at her last words to her older sister, and Cora agrees. The two work out their scientific hypothesis while they continue to try to make sense of what happened.                                     

RIMSBA 2025 Graphic Novels

RIMSBA 2025 Nonfiction Nominees

CPL/CPS Librarian Favorites

Suggested Authors- Read any book by the following authors

Katherine Arden

K.R. Alexander

Barbara Dee

Natasha Friend

April Henry
Jacqueline Woodson
Nic Stone

Ruta Sepetys

Jason Reynolds
Kiera Cass
Carl Deuker

Neil Gaiman

Tim Green
Mary Downing Hahn
Jenny Han
Erin Hunter
Gordon Korman
Mike Lupica

James Patterson

Rick Riordin
Gary Schmidt
Charles Higson
Kwame Alexander
Will Hobbs
Anthony Horowitz
Walter Dean Myers
James Dashner
Margaret Peterson Haddix

Renee Watson

Kayla Miller