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You will be creating an interactive image using the platform  Take a look at Elijah's example of Florida in the center of the page.  All elements needed will be given to you by Ms. Leonti.

Here are some examples of Weebly state sites created by seventh graders. from the last two years.

Brenna's Arkansas Site

Tyler's Site on Georgia

Luke's Oregon Site

Charlie's Massachusetts site

Ann's Montana Site

Online Encyclopedias/Databases

Use Culturegrams to find information about your particular state.



Britannica School is an encyclopedia source, and it also includes primary source documents. 

ImageQuest allows you to search millions of rights-cleared images to use in your work.

NOTE: The Britannica databases require a username and password to use at home. You can access this information here.


When you use websites for research, be sure to consider the 5 Ws of website evaluation:

WHO? (author or organization)
  • Is there an author or sponsoring organization listed on the site?  

  • Is the author qualified to write on the topic?  

  • Is the organization well-known and reliable?

  • Is there an “About” page?
WHAT? (content and appearance)
  • Is the information clear, well-organized, and free of errors?  

  • Does the author list his/her sources and/or provide links to other useful sites?

  • Does the site look professional?  

  • Is it easy to locate information on the site?

  • What domain (.com, net, .org, .gov, .edu) does the site use, and what does this tell you?

WHEN? (date/copyright)
  • Does the website have a copyright date or a date on which the information was published or updated?  

  • Has the site been updated recently?

WHY? (purpose)
  • Is it clear that the purpose of the site is to inform readers?  

  • Is the information on the site relevant to your topic?