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Metcalf Elementary School Library: Middle School Book Battle 2023

30 Nooseneck Hill Rd. Exeter, RI 02822. 401-397-3375

RI Middle School Book Award RIMSBA


Book Trailers

(courtesy of Melanie Roy)

RIMSBA Book Selection Process

The RI Middle School Book Award shall have the following selection criteria:

1. The book must be published within the two (2) years preceding (not including the year of the award).

2. Only books that are the first in a series will be considered.

3. All nominees must be in print.

4. Books chosen for RITBA or RICBA in previous years will not be eligible for RIMSBA.

5. Once a book has been removed from consideration, it cannot be nominated in future years.

The committee will consider the following when evaluating nominees for the final list:

  • a well-constructed plot and defined story structure

  • strong characterization

  • striking language

  • vivid setting

  • appeal for readers in Grades 6-8

Book Nominations

  • Members of the RIMSBA Committee (a mix of school and public librarians, teachers and community members from Rhode Island) should nominate books based on the above criteria.

  • Anyone may nominate a book via the RIMSBA website. These books must be seconded by a RIMSBA committee member before being considered.

  • Books nominated by publishers and/or authors must be seconded by a committee member before being added to the list of titles under consideration.

  • Nominations must be submitted by the January meeting in order to be considered at the Voting Meeting in March.