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Chariho Middle School Library: Google: Drive, Classroom, Apps, and Extensions

Using Google in the Classroom

                                                    Ready to enhance your Google experience? Go to the Chrome store to access these extensions and add-ons!                                                                                



Students can use Google Keep to track homework assignments! 

Trying to manage your Google Classroom? Take a look at these links.

Google Forms Add Ons

  • Autocrat:

    • Takes information from a Google Spreadsheet and distributes it to individual docs

  • g(math):

  • Form ranger:

    • Populate answers with data from a sheet

    • Works with multiple choice, list, checkbox, and grid options

Google Extensions

  • URL Shorteners (Google & Bitly most popular) - Quickly Shrink a URL
  • One Tab- Condenses browser tabs
  • Snagit- Tool to add annotations
  • Screencastify- Screencast
  • Send to Kindle- Sends articles to kindle (for use with kindle app or device)
  • Readability- Can read later-will send to you via email or Kindle- Choose “read now” to clean up the text- no distractions
  • WOT​- Gives you the trustworthiness of sites and ​rates how safe it is for children
  • Earth View- Displays a new satellite image of the earth every time a new tab is opened
  • Google Art Project- Displays a new artwork every time a new tab is opened
  • Ad Block- Blocks ads from websites that you are browsing
  • Ad Block for You Tube- Hides ads when showing You Tube videos to students  
  • Adobe Acrobat​- Transforms web pages into PDFs

Google Docs Add Ons

  • Lucid Chart Diagram:

    • Create your own mind map, venn diagram, etc.  

  • Spellright:

    • For people learning English as a second language

    • Check spelling-gives spelling suggestions

    • Gives suggestions about words that may be confusing and may need to be changed or clarified

  • Easy Bib:

    • Quick citation