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Chariho Middle School Library: Google Forms

This tutorial will get you started!

Explore your options!

What kind of questions do you want to choose on your form? Check out this link for suggestions with examples.




Check out these add ons too!

Form Limiter: Set your Google Form to stop accepting responses at a certain time or after a certain number of responses. A great way to enforce a deadline on a form assignment in the classroom!

gMath: Use this add on to easily create and insert math equations, graphs, statistics, etc. into your form.

Form Publisher: Generates a Google Doc for each response in Forms. An easy way for students to give personalized feedback to peers.

Autocrat: Mail merge using your Google Forms responses. (**This will be found in the “add-on” menu for the Google Sheet which contains the responses to your form.**)

How to Create A Self Correcting Assessment

Looking for more help?

Creating a Form:

Help from Google:

Want to Become A Master?

This video goes over features that are useful once you have mastered the basic. It features use of the more option for each type of questions which include adding helpful text instructions to questions and data validation so responders don't reply with the wrong information. It shows how to shuffle the options under questions for multiple choice items. It also demonstrates how to look at and work with individual responses. You can set up your responses to get email notification when you get a response to a form you created. This video also reviews add on you may want to use.