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Black History Biography Research: Home

Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum

Research Assignment

Research a famous African-American:  

      • Use the resources in this LibGuide to find information 
      • Use your "Cave Man" Notetaking skills  
      • Use the project guidelines
      • Make a Bibliography (list) of the resources you use

History Channel Timeline

History Channel Timeline

Books in our Library

We have many biographies of African-Americans in our library.  Biographies are shelved in alphabetical order by the famous person's last name.  For example, a biography of Martin Luther King Jr. would have the spine label  B KIN.  

Here are few examples of Black History Books available in our library:  


CCSs for Reading Informational Text 7 - 8

Students will read for integration of knowledge and ideas.

CCSs for Writing 7 - 9

Students will research to build and present knowledge.

GSEs for Social Studies Historical Perspectives 1 - 5

Students will act as historians using a variety of tools. 

AAS Library Standards 1, 3

Students will inquire, think, critically, and gain knowledge.

Students will share  knowledge and participate ethically and productively.  

World Book Student Database

World Book Student Biography Center provides articles and photos of many famous black Americans.  

Type the name of the person you are researching in the search box. Search results will open in a new tab.  

Kid's Search Database

Use this link to search for magazine articles about famous African-Americans.  

Kid's Search EBSCO

Teacher Approved Websites