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I-Search Research Portfolio: Home


Area of Assessment Total Point
All articles are in the portfolio   50

Articles are placed order of date

(Current Article First)


A "What I learned Reflection" is

included and meets all of the



Part One

Part One:

Article of the Week:

1.      Select a topic in America to study.

2.     Each week pick an article about the topic

3.     Read the Article and Underline any information that interests you or that you may want to write about.

4.     Write a two paragraph reaction to the article

5.     The first paragraph is a four (4) line summary of the article,

6.     The second paragraph must be at least six (6) sentences and is your reaction to the article.

7.     Each Reaction is assesses using the district-wide holistic writing rubric.

8.     Each Reaction is a major grade.



1)    MLA citation of bibliographic information regarding the article (use Easy Bib)

2)    Two paragraphs

3)    1 inch margins

4)    Calibri, Times New Roman or Ariel 12 point font 

5)    Proper heading MLA style

6)    Proper paragraphing, punctuation and spelling

Part Two

Part Two

Research Portfolio

Each of your Articles and Reactions is placed in your Research Portfolio.  This is a folder where you will house all of your topic research.  You will use this in second quarter for the research portion of your I-Search Paper.


-Portfolio contains all of the articles and reactions

-Portfolio is organized by date with the most current article on top.

-There is a complete works cited page for all of your articles.

-There is a reflection on what you learned through the process of studying your topic. (Hint:  This can be used as your Critical Analysis part of your I Search Paper!!)

- Your Portfolio is measured by the following rubric and is worth 2 major grades.) 

Subject Guide