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Lincoln Central Elementary School Library: Destiny Quest

Destiny Discover is a different way to access the library and its resources in school, at home and also on mobile devices.  Students can login to see what materials they have checked out, place a book on hold, create a favorite list, access resource lists created by teachers, check out e-books, and also rate and review books.

Destiny Discover

Students in Grade 2-Grade 5 are learning to use Destiny Discover to search for library materials and other resources. They may rate books,write book reviews, place books on hold and see what they have checked out of the library.   All book reviews and  are sent to Mrs. Ouellette to be approved before other students can view them.

Please contact Mrs. Ouellette if you have any questions or concerns.



Guidelines for using Destiny Quest

1. Comments on recommended books should be about the book and appropriate. 

2. Reviews need to include reasons for liking or disliking the book.  Use capital letters and best spelling. (Reviews are seen by everyone not just friends)

3. Only put books on hold if they are out.  If the book is in, you may sign it out that day.

4. Only put one book on hold at a time.




How to login to Destiny Quest

Go to the website and click login in the top right corner.  Your username is firstname.lastname##.  The numbers are your graduation year (Grade 3=29 Grade 4=28  Grade 5=27)  Your password is your lunch card number without the three zeros.